I am a self-taught artist and Illustrator living and creating art in Cape Town, South Africa. I work in different mediums, but my favourite would be ink on paper. 




Death of man. 

Mermaids and monsters come for your body after your death. Everyones dissects the body and take it down under where you will keep on living with the dead.  


belly of the beast

This piece came together after talking to a friend on the Promenade in Sea Point, about how there is such a big a divide between the rich and the poor in SA and around the world quite frankly. As I left the prom to drive back to my house in Walmer Estate, I saw a young girl by the side of the road staring into the sun as it sets. She looked so at peace with herself but also as if she longed for more. 

While she stared into the distance, I had a song playing in my car called “Is it heaven up there, because it’s hell down here” by Palace. In that moment I knew that this was a piece in the making. I immediately grabbed my small notebook and drew a quick sketch of a girl sitting at the top of a pile, not yet sure what the pile would be. 

As I started creating this piece, it all unfolded. She’s at the top of this pyramid, that’s seemingly Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but only flipped. She’s at the top because she’s content with the little that she has. She might dream to also have more, but is more really enough? 

Within this world below her, you can see everything’s messy, everyone’s naked and so exposed. This is what happens in the belly of the beast. 

this is me.


blue man.

Blue ink drawing of a fashionable man walking down the street. 



Inspiration from Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar high. The scene depicts life on the beaches of Cape Town, SA. 


the ring.

Ink drawing of boxing fight.