Whether you're starting out or ready to take your freelance hustle to the next level, I gotcha. I've got everything from a quick free course to get you going, to a deep-dive creative business career course that covers all the stuff people usually miss or have no clue where to begin. It's all laid out, step by step, just for you.

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Make bank while doing what you love

Turn those daydreams into reality by kickstarting the creatively fulfilling, financially freeing business you've been yearning for.

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So, you wanna kick off your journey as a creative entrepreneur? Well, guess what? You're in luck because the starting point is none other than the The Creative Business Course course. It's like your personal guide to the nitty-gritty of launching your biz, snagging clients, and rocking the world as a well-paid designer, illustrator, UX designer, you name it. 

Forget the whole soul-sucking corporate vibe—it's not your scene. You're all about that life filled with creativity, purpose, passion, and freedom. And guess what? The Creative Business Course can get you living your dream life in just 30 days.

Ready to dive in?

In just one year, I've worked with all of these clients.

Lost in the maze of "How to Start a Business" YouTube videos, bingeing on all the "best" biz podcasts, and still thinking, "What the heck?"

Drowning in self-doubt about my design skills, questioning myself every day, feeling like a total imposter because I didn't have all the "stuff" a "typical" graphic designer should.

Totally clueless on how to score clients at premium rates, while other designers are casually talking about charging an arm and a leg. While you're barely getting by?

Creating a chaos party inside because I lacked systems, structures, and boundaries.

But first tell me, is this you?

Two years ago I took the final plunge of working for myself and I can never look back. Don't get me wrong, I've had super tough days and months, but having certain strategies in place to get you started will most defs put you in a place to thrive. 

Had a salary of max $1600 a month, now I'm averaging on $5k months. This year (2024) my projected income is double that. Yes, I'm very ambitious.  

Taking that leap of faith is hands down the toughest step!

let's go

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Finding Clients

Client Relationships

Building Your Reputation

Handling Difficult Clients

Winning Projects!

Negotiating Like a Pro

Packages and Pricing

Time Management

Financial Management

Usage Rights

Delivering Quality Work

Building a Long-Term Freelance Career

Scaling + Passive income ideas

Business Modules

Let's get down to business:

Topics we'll discuss:

Pain points when starting out

Resources they use to get work

Big wins: Their first big project

Imposter syndrome

Personal strategies to promote themselves

How do they get sales (clients)

Interviews with freelancers acing it!

Getting Started in the online space

Creating an Online Presence

Why work for yourself? 👩🏾‍💻

Finding your unique style

Building your brand

Finding inspiration

Daily practice

Launching your portfolio / revamping it

Creative Strategy:

Free Invoicing app 

Free work-flow website

Flodesk for emails

Work-flow tips: 

Showing up on Social Media

Attracting clients

Content planning

Social media strategies

Flodesk: Guide


what are they saying? 

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Whether your dream is to passively sell templates or snag high-ticket design or illustration clients, this is the significant first stride you've been itching to make.

Brace yourself for a course crafted for maximum engagement and real-world impact. With lifetime access, don't be shocked if you end up bingeing the entire thing in a single day.

Allocate just one month to put into action all the insights you gather, and voila, you'll be rocking a thriving creative business that matches your dreams.

The old Careshia craved a course that would teach her everything there is to know about growing an impactful and profitable design business. I was dying to be told the “insider secrets” to uninhibited success, to understand the good and the bad. The Creative Business Course came from a place of passion and responsibility–to give a gift of detailed knowledge and skill to the next generation of creatives that feel as passionate about creating intentional design businesses as I do.

Why did I create this course?

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With 10 years of experience as a designer and illustrator, I decided to create courses from my own experiences and everything I've learned along the way! 

I started my freelance career in 2017 and I'm still going strong. By saying that, I was still doing retainer work that took up a lot of my time. So in 2021 I went completely freelance, it was hella-daunting but so rewarding at the same time.

After many struggles to find the right way to do this thing, I've now create my own blue print that helped me to double my income in a year. 

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