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My love for illustration grew the past few years even more than ever before, but with my background in design, I thought why not create something special and bring those two worlds together. 

That's where the name Crayative started. I'm a bit of a crazy creative and that's exactly just it! I'm "cray-ative"! After grafting and working on perfecting my skill in illustration, I decided to give web design another go. So here I am, ladies and gentlemen. Ready to rock and roll. 

Now, here's the juicy part—I've partnered with big-league brands like ASICS, Ogilvy, Anglo-American, SANRAL, Rain, and more. They've praised my creativity in bringing their projects to life, and I'm here to bring that same magic to your project. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on projects that have been awarded esteemed South African design accolades such as Pendoring, Assegaai, Loeries and Bookmark.

So, if you're ready to embark on a wild, colourful adventure, let's join forces. Whether it's a brand project, learn from me with my courses, a personal commission, or something extraordinary you have in mind, I'm here to turn your vision into reality. 


Let's talk about Illustration, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Okay, I'll stop with my corny vibes. 

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I can be a busy bee sometimes, so give me at least 48 hours to get back to you. If for some crazy reason I don't get back to you by then, DM me on Instagram @cray_ative.

I heard them say...

"Careshia is a brilliant illustrator and creative. It is always fun to work with her on various projects. She can work in various styles across different brands and always gets it! Her collaborative approach is refreshing, she always delivers exceptional work while managing deadlines and time pressures."

catherine kruger
Executive Creative Director, HKLM

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mbithi masya
content director, africa
Girl Effect

"Working with Careshia was a pleasure from beginning to end. She fully understood our brief and what we were looking for and brought even more than we asked for to the table. We worked fluidly and quickly as we developed the initial direction and refined it as we went on. The whole process was a joy, and our whole team is in love with the work. Would definitely call on Careshia for future work in a heartbeat."

zack esterhuizen
CD, Catch and Release Agency

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Careshia, an exceptional illustrator, for a recent campaign, and I am extremely pleased with the remarkable outcome. Careshia's creative work was truly outstanding, particularly her exceptional use of color.

Despite working remotely, she maintained excellent communication and responded promptly. Careshia demonstrated a deep understanding of the brief and delivered the final product on time. Working with her was a seamless and enjoyable experience, and I highly recommend her services."