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All the commissions and personal work I do every now and then, I showcase over here. 

I'll let you into my strange little world where I create wonderful creatures and scenes from my imagination. 

And yes, it's going to be good. 

Illustration, Animation

Who was it for?

Badass humans

Illustrations of people doing cool and every day stuff. 


They totally rule the world. We don't know half of what they're getting up to, especially at night. 

click on this cute icon below and and see what new kinda crazy stuff I get up to.

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Upside down

Here in South Africa, our political situation isn't getting any better. The politicians will tell the people anything just to get their vote, but we know it's just a lie. We won't have more electricity all of a sudden.  


This project was experimental for me. I tried different camera angles to see what will happen in my own mind and how I would imagine it.